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Dusala has been at the helm of handcrafting the finest shawls, stoles, and scarves. All our products are made with only the purest fabrics to offer luxurious finish and exquisite workmanship. Our vision is to demonstrate the pashmina journey through a Modern lens, CRAFTSMANSHIP is our deep ties with the weavers of India and an in-depth understanding of the craft; the Pashmina has rediscovered its glory. And as its repute grows, so does the respect for the craft, ensuring a better livelihood for the craftsman. Our close connection with this community is the seed of our success and we have been sensitively and organically collaborating with them on this journey.

Dusala is a shawl brand from Kashmir, Indian design handwoven shawls/stoles/scarves.We at dusala believes in relation being much more important which starts from our weavers in kashmir till our esteemed clients all across the globe. we support 'VOCAL FOR LOCAL' by making INDIA self reliant and self sufficient through promoting skills & knowledge. Journey of dusala has not been long but it's encouraging with the help of our weavers dedication.


The Founder - Sugandha Kedia

A journalist and anchor turned fashion designer, Sugandha Kedia is a proud owner ONE ― The Multidedigner Store and brand ‘Dusala’ that is on a journey to revive the long-lost Kashmiri craft.

Sugandha, a self-taught designer with many feathers in her cap, her journey from Public Relations in 2007 to fashion world till date, has been quite multi-dimensional. Before she entered the fashion world in 2017 with her store, she worked as a news correspondent for Zoom, NDTV Good Times, Ibn7 and Focus TV primarily covering fashion and entertainment beats ― from 2008 to 2011. Sugandha was also one of the popular faces of Property TV Dubai from 2008-2009 and Home Shop 18 between 2011 and 2014.

Post acquiring enough knowledge as a fashion correspondent for eight years, she took the first step towards building her empire and established the luxury store ONE. Since then, Sugandha has been towards bringing the best fashionbrands to Raipur and has been successful in achieving her dream. ONE ― The Multidesigner Store does not only boast collections of labels like RANI-SVA, Anju Modi, Saaksha & Kinni, Deme by Gabriella, Anavila, Limerick and several others but also is the first store in Raipur to have country’s favourite Sabyasachi.

Understanding the requirement of her clientele and delivering without any fail, she has now launched her brand Dusala in January 2020, which she calls it as her passion project. Having grown in North embracing Pashmina and other Kashmiri fabrics, Sugandha always had a fondness for Kashmiri craft. As soon as she started travelling and got the exposure of the fashion world, she understood how the availability of authentic and original. Pashmina is a rarity in the markets world over.

Sugandha     now    works with    Kashmiri craftsmen to introduce the authentic Pashmina to the world with a twist of new- age experimentation. Through Dusala, she wishes to take the Kashmiri Craft ― especially Pashmina ― to the global market as there is already a huge demand for Pashmina. But, there are mostly unauthentic pieces of Pashmina fabric in the market which can ruin the reputation of the fabric. And, being a fashion aficionado and loyal consumer of Pashmina, she started her bit to introduce the greatness of the fabric in its most authentic version.

Sugandha is not only introducing the authentic Pashmina to the world but also enabling livelihood to the craftsmen by giving a great amount of work.

A designer and an entrepreneur, Sugandha Kedia is also a fashion vlogger and social media influencers for fashion, beauty and fitness.