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Shop Dusala Menswear Stoles and Shawls online

Fashion brand Dusala takes pride in its Kashmiri lineage. The brand deals exclusively in fashion wear produced from authentic Kashmiri natural fabrics and created by native Kashmiri artisans by hand. The brand has a collection of apparels for both women and men. The women’s wear collection has shawls, stoles and sarees. The men’s collection has shawls and stoles. While the men’s shawls have the standard size of 40x80 and the larger size of 55x108; the women’s shawls come in the standard size of 40x80. Both collections are created in the niche fabrics like pashmina, cashmere as well as more easily available fabrics like silk. Some garments are created in a blend of exclusive and regular fabrics. Check out and shop Dusala menswear stoles and shawls online on the fashion brand’s website and on Pernia’s Popup Shop.


Dusala Shawls for Men

Shawls have a rich legacy that speaks volumes about its glorious past. They have been a must-have in one's wardrobe for many generations and each generation has adopted this opulent legacy garment in their own way. The Dusala shawls for men are categorized as winter wear, all-time-wear and occasion wear. They come in two sizes, the standard size of 40x80 and the bigger, full-length Designer Shawls which come in the size 55x108. Dusala shawls for men consist of the conventional pastel colour palette of beige, light brown or proper brown. The brand has some fascinating colours like Azure, shades of red, maroon and black that come in attractive design patterns and authentic border work. The brand showcases shawls that are made from pashmina, cashmere and wool as well as some limited collection of silk shawls. The pashmina shawls, cashmere shawls and wool shawls are soft, warm and lightweight. Some wool shawls for men have a well-defined attractive border work. Some others come in a checkered design pattern or reversible design that makes it easier to mix and match them with other attire to create your very own look of the day. There are geometric designs that can be categorized as unisex, while some shawls have a unisex border pattern. Some Shawls have pashmina blend with Kani work, while others have ethnic Kashmiri border work. Some of the Dusala shawls for men are made in colour block design.


Dusala Stoles for Men

At 28x80, the Dusala stoles for men are smaller than the Dusala shawls for men which come in two conventional sizes, 40x80 and 55x108. Both serve more or less the same purpose and barring the size difference, they look the same. In the case of men, the shawl is a sign of an evolved and mature dressing sense leaning towards traditional formal wear; the stole on the other hand is more peppy and contemporary in appearance. It is generally worn by men on western casual outfits like full sleeves tees or sweatshirts or a combination of tee shirt and jacket. When worn with the jacket buttons or zipper open then it looks very stylish, but if the weather is too harsh then you can pull up the jacket zipper halfway through, tucking the stole within strategically to allow it to be partially seen. Men generally tend to wrap it around their neck making a nice stylish cross-knot that enhances their appeal. Dusala stoles for men consists of High Altitude Rare Pashmina Stole, Wool Silk Checkered Stole, Pashmina Wool Blend Shawl, Reversible Checkered Design Stole, Pashmina Fine Wool Stole, Cashmere Fine Wool Unisex Stole, Handmade Pashmina Stole.