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Dusala Shawls for men

Historically speaking, shawls were a men’s garment that evolved over a period of time and gained wider acceptance not just in the popular cultures of Indian but also of Europe and the US. Pashmina shawls sit on top of the pyramid as they are considered as one of the most prized possessions due to their soft and lightweight fabric, as well as the hand-weave element by skilled artisans. The high-quality pashmina fabric comes from a natural source, the Himalayan mountain goats, which is also referred to as pashmina goat. This limits the quantity of fabric that can be produced due to the time it takes for the animal fur to grow back. This limitation in procuring the pashmina raw material pushes up the prices of this renowned apparel and makes it more exclusive. Therefore, over the years it has become a symbol of nobility and novelty as well as heirlooms to be given to a girl in her marriage or when she comes off age. Nowadays these shawls have become a part of the artistic elements in interior designs of the rich and mighty. Dusala is a brand that has lovely shawls and stoles to offer. The Dusala shawls for men has an exclusive range of handmade apparel pieces that enhances your persona. Surprisingly there are shawls that come in shapes other than the standard rectangular shape that we all know of. There are Dusala shawls for men which are oblong or triangular in shape. You can also shop designer shawls and coats for women by Dusala.


Pashmina Shawls for Men

While Pashmina is considered as the more refined quality fabric, many people often confuse it with cashmere. Cashmere is something that has a more mass appeal due to its economic price range. All Pashmina are cashmere but all cashmere is not Pashmina. They have a distinctive weave that makes them stand out from shawls from other regions. The weaving is also very distinct, which is native only to Kashmiri craftsmen and artisans. The collection of Dusala Pashmina shawls for men consists of Wool Silk Checkered Shawl, pashmina fine wool shawl, pashmina blend reversible shawl, woven full Kani shawl, handmade high altitude harshidaar pashmina, geometric pashmina shawl, pashmina blend with Kani work, traditional Kashmiri thread work border shawl, pashmina wool blend, pashmina with silk and high altitude sonzi hand-embroidered hand-woven pashmina shawl.


Cashmere Shawls for Men

Cashmere shawls are sourced from the Cashmere goat. Like pashmina shawls, the cashmere shawls are also sourced naturally and as compared to sheep wool, the fabric is finer, softer, stronger, lighter and has thrice the insulating properties of the sheep wool. You would find many looking for cashmere shawls for men, either for themselves or to gift someone. This fabric too has a global pull. The Kashmiri shawls are said to be the inspiration behind the global cashmere industry. You will see international fashion brands creating collections with a piece of cashmere attire as the highlight of the ensemble. Checkout designer stoles for men.


Wool Shawls for Men

The Dusala wool shawls for men are categorized as winter wear, all-time-wear and occasion wear. They come in two standard sizes 40x80 and the bigger, full-length ones which are of the size 55x108. They come in the conventional colours of beige, light or proper brown, but Dusala has some intriguing colours like Azure, shades of red and black. Standing true to the key aspect of Pashmina shawls, these shawls are soft, warm and lightweight. Some wool shawls for men have a well-defined attractive border work, while some others have a checkered design. The collection also has shawls in a reversible design that allows you to mix and match with other attires to create the look that you want. Checkout designer stoles for women by Dusala.