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Dusala Stoles for Men

Stoles are slightly smaller versions of the shawl, although their shape and appearance closely resemble their big brother, Shawl. Stoles are not as popular amongst men as compared to women, but the men who are fashion savvy and know how to mix and match it with different attires and make it fit perfectly in the look of the day, end up winning huge brownie points with the women in the fashion quotient department. Men generally tend to wrap it around their neck making a nice knot. When an attractive stole is paired smartly with different outfits, then it changes their look and these men look very impressive and dapper. Dusala, a brand by self-taught fashion designer Sugandha Kedia, has lovely stoles for men in different fabrics or a blend of two to three fabrics. The Dusala stoles for men come in plain, checkered, striped and other design formats.


Dusala Pashmina Stoles for men

Stoles are a rare but prized possession for men. The select pieces of stoles sit proudly in their wardrobe, to be pulled out to create a special look for a special occasion. When you add the pashmina fabric element then the stole becomes all the more special and revered. Embroidery on Pashmina stole is done using two types of yarns. Pashmina which is derived from the term ‘Pashm’, which means 'wool' is a prized and exotic fabric obtained from a special pashmina mountain goat that inhabits the Himalayan region of Kashmir and Ladakh. They could be embroidered using silk yarn or with a synthetic yarn known as “staple”. Dushala pashmina stoles for men come in different patterns and a range of colours. Checkout designer stoles for women by Dusala.


Dusala Cashmere Stoles for Men

Like the pashmina stoles, the Dusala cashmere stoles for men are also painstakingly made by gifted Kashmiri artisans. Right from the extraction of the fleece from the goats to the weaving of the yarn, the process is as delicate and as cumbersome as the extraction of pashmina fabric. The brand has a limited collection of cashmere woollen stoles as compared to the collection of Dusala pashmina Stole for men. These stoles have a unisex design and are created using colours that would make them suitable for use by both men and women.


Dusala Wool Stoles for Men

Soles made from regular wool come in an economic price band. This holds true for Dusala as well. The brand has a limited but stylish collection of woollen stoles for men. The fabric used to create these stoles is soft, warm, lightweight, young and an all-time wear. Dusala wool stoles for men come in a standard size of 28x80 and are created in dark colour tones. The designing element of the Dusala wool stole collection for men is dominated by checkered patterns. You can wrap them around your neck or tie a stylish knot to enhance its appeal and look more attractive. Designer Stoles for Men are perfect for Luxury gifts for men. You can also shop designer shawls and coats for women by Dusala.