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Shop Dusala Womenswear collection of Shawls, Stoles, Scarves and Coats online

In India shawls are a respectable give-away to felicitate people. They are symbolic of respect, appreciation and honour. Dusala is an Indian brand that showcases authentic Kashmiri pashmina shawls, stoles and sarees. This brand was launched by Sugandha Kedia in January 2020. Despite being a young brand that took off amidst the lockdown period, Dusala has found its way into the hearts of people with refined fashion taste. Having seen the fashion industry very closely in the capacity of a fashion TV anchor, Sugandha saw that despite willing to pay the big bucks, people were not getting authentic pashmina, hence she decided to launch Dusala, which literally means ‘Shawl’. The brand was launched in early 2020 and within no time the lockdown was announced, which saw Dusala heading the online route very early. Check the Dusala Women's Designer Clothing featuring shawls, stoles, scarves and coats online. A lot of care, time and efforts are put to create each and every apparel piece. The Kashmiri artisans who are the backbone of Dusala ensure that you get nothing but the best.


Dusala Shawls for women

A shawl by default is a sign of elegance and character. When you have pashmina shawls or cashmere shawls then you are talking in a different league. Cashmere shawls, pashmina shawls, pure wool shawls are prized possessions and a symbol of legacy. They often get passed on to the next generation with great pride. The act of a mother passing on her shawl to her daughter as heirloom during her wedding is not uncommon because it is symbolic of the mothers comforting care and love that would embrace the daughter, every time she wears this shawl. Dusala shawls for women fit in this space perfectly. Every cashmere shawls, pashmina shawls or pure wool shawls by Dusala are 100% authentic. They are made by the Kashmiri artisans with a lot of care and precision to ensure that every time that you wear them, you feel nothing less than bliss.


The Dusala shawls for women come in one standard size of 40x80. The collection includes shawls made from high altitude pashmina zari linear dual-tone, multicolour floral kani, royal cashmere wool full stone embellished, high altitude rare pashmina zari linear pattern, kani with gulbandi border, Aari with stonework, printed kalamkari with paisley woven border, multi-coloured kani maple design shawl, high altitude handwoven geometrical checkered pashmina shawl, self-design shawl with kani border, high altitude hand woven pashmina with border, full checkered shawl checkered with paisley shawl, handmade pashmina zari shawl, ethnic soft multicolour kani, sonzi full Jal embroidery handwork Resham border, rare hand woven multicoloured border design, hand-embroidered Jal shawl, nalki hand-embroidered shawl, multicolour galecha kani, high altitude rare pashmina shawl, multicolour kani, high altitude handwoven pashmina zari reversible, supersoft kani with border shawl, shawl with sonzi embroidery border, tone on tone single kani shawl, high altitude handmade pashmina kani design, multi-coloured kani paisley border, reversible pashmina zari shawl, high altitude hand woven pashmina with border and motif, high altitude handmade kani, handwoven pashmina threadwork shawl, aari & stonework design shawl, high altitude rare pashmina zari linear dual-tone, fine wool pashmina kani, chequered with paisley shawl, handmade multicolour kani etc.


Dusala Stoles for women

Stole is a fashion garment that has found its footing amongst the masses all over the world. This garment piece is worn by both sexes but women tend to use it more extensively as compared to men. Women also innovate the ways they wear stoles or the way they pair them with their attire. Since a stole tends to be somewhat smaller than a shawl and made out of fancier material, it doesn’t fully fit into the mould of a winter garment. It finds a larger audience in the urban centres which demands a formal dress code. But nevertheless, cashmere stoles, pashmina stoles, silk stoles continue to be a hit with the ladies across the length and breadth of a nation and irrespective of their professional standing. A stole of any material received as a gift is always welcomed by women.


Dusala Coats for women

Coats or jackets are comfort garments that keep you warm and are convenient to manoeuvre with when the mercury drops. The idea of wearing a pashmina coat makes the idea of wearing a coat even more attractive. There are select brands that have authentic pashmina coats to offer. Dusala is one such brand. Check the Dusala coats for women to book online an attractive winter and all-occasion wear made from Pashmina.