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Dusala Coats for Women

Wearing a coat boosts your sense of feeling protected from weather forces and it also enhances your self-confidence that you are looking impressive. Coats are also commonly referred to as jackets. Both indicate the same outfit but with a slight difference, which a coat is often considered as formal attire due to its design, a jacket is considered as casual wear. If you are looking for winter coats then you must check out the Dusala coats for women. Dusala is a brand launched by Sugandha Kedia in January 2020 with an aim to introduce to the world, authentic pashmina with a twist of new age experimentation. A journalist and TV anchor turned self-taught fashion designer, Sugandha also owns ‘ONE’, a multi-designer store in Raipur, India. Dusala has its roots in Kashmiri art and fabric. The brand makes fabulous shawls, stoles, sarees and coats for women and shawls and stoles for men. Dusala abides by the rule of authenticity; therefore it ensures that all its creations are made from 100% natural fabrics. Each garment is made with great love and care by the skilled Kashmiri artisans who earn a decent livelihood through Dusala, while the brand ensures not just the revival of the long-lost Kashmiri craft but also that this precious concept thrives through its efforts. Having seen a lot of scam fabrics being traded as Pashmina, Sugandha took it upon herself to bridge the gap between the demand from pashmina enthusiasts and its supply.


Pashmina Coats for Women

Dusala Vintage Pashmina Coats for Women is classic winter wear that protects you from the weather vagaries and its intrinsic feminine design adds a spark to your plain winter ensemble. It is a handmade vintage coat, set in a classic paisley design backdrop. It has beautiful intricate work and feminine design that attracts onlookers from a distance. It definitely enhances your personality’s appeal multi-fold. While coats can have buttons, zippers, hook and loop fasteners, toggles, a belt, or a combination of some of these methods but the pashmina coat from Dusala has a very sleek and elegant mechanism to close the coat in front. Since it is made to order the colour or the design may somewhat vary. The fabric is a mix of pashmina with wool. Pashmina coats for women are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you happen to be around colder locations. They come in handy when you are pressed for winter apparel choices. Pull out a pashmina coat and wear it over any outfit that you wish. They tend to blend very well with multiple clothing combinations and not to forget, they make a great fashion statement. You can also shop designer shawls and stoles for women by Dusala.