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Dusala Shawls for women

The shawl is a winter-wear vintage novelty garment that evokes beautiful memories. It exudes the classy, refined and mature fashion taste of the wearer. It is a very symbolic sign of respect and accolade, especially when a shawl made out of rare and prized natural fabric is wrapped around a person. They also sit on top of the list when it comes to heirloom to be gifted to women during their marriage. But do not be mistaken, this garment to be the dominion of women. Shawls are much loved and cherished by men too. Although this winter garment is looked upon as a comfortable and handy casual garment that could replace winter jackets or coats, but you can very well create your own awesome formal look by pairing it with the right ensemble. It is the fabric of the shawl which is a game-changer. Natural fabrics which are lightweight, warm with elaborate handwork done on them take the cake. Dusala is a brand that creates shawls and stoles from 100% authentic pashmina fabric that is ethically procured from the goats that dwell in and around the Kashmir region. If you are looking for a high-quality comfy winter-wear or occasion-wear shawl then you must check out the Dusala shawls for women on the brand’s website.

Pashmina Shawls for women

The word Pashmina is derived from the term and Urdu term Pashm which was derived from Farsi and literally translates to wool. It is procured from the fleece of the rare Himalayan pashmina mountain goat that calls the harsh and treacherous terrain of Ladakh as its home. The Himalayan goat is exotic and has a limited population, which makes the art of Pashmina shawl making it even rarer and revered all over the world. The fleece is painstakingly transformed into an exceptional and delicate pashmina fabric by the gifted craftsmen of Kashmir. The yarn is hand-woven by the artisans to create admirable designs of pashmina shawl. The pashmina fabric is three times finer than the regular sheep wool, therefore it is considered as an elite and exclusive fabric. This makes the pashmina shawls less bulky and voluminous. It has patronage from the royal families and elites of not just India but the entire world. Dusala has a wide range of pashmina shawls for women. The fact that Dusala’s pashmina shawls for women come with the 100% authentic fabric seal makes them sit on top of the pyramid. These shawls are hand-woven by Kashmiri artisans, therefore each piece is unique and made only once. An exact replica in terms of design, colour and weave cannot be possible. A pure pashmina shawl could cost anywhere between US$ 300 to $1000 depending on the quality of the embroidery and the texture of the fabric. The brand has a plethora of choice in terms of fabric blend, design and colours. You will find the conventional light pastel colours as well as the off-beat dark shades. Checkout designer shawls for men by Dusala.

Cashmere Shawls for Women

Cashmere wool is a fabric that is obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats and some other breeds of goats that inhabit the Kashmir and Ladakh terrain. The cashmere fabric is also fin, lightweight, soft, and strong. It is thrice the insulating capacity of sheep wool. Although, cashmere fabric falls a tad below the pashmina and shahtoosh shawls but that doesn't dent its image and large following all over the globe. There are entire business models that revolve around apparels created from a cashmere fabric. Cashmere shawls for women is a business category in itself and there are many traditional family businesses that exclusively sell or trade in cashmere shawls. Dusala has a dedicated collection of cashmere shawls for women. There are cashmere stoles as well by the brand which you must definitely check out. Dushala has pure cashmere and a cashmere blend option in their shawls collection. The cashmere fabric is effortlessly blended with other fabrics like silk or pashmina to create beautiful shawls.

Pure Wool Shawls

Pure wool shawls are more common as compared to the exclusive and rare pashmina shawls, followed by cashmere shawls. Most homes in regions that are far away from the equator, would ideally have a pure wool shawl tucked away safely in storage in some corner of the house, only to be removed when the mercury drops. Shawls being unisex in nature, come in handy for any family member who wants to quickly get draped into the warmth of a convenient and comfortable winter-wear fabric. Check the economically priced pure wool shawls by Dusala, which are ideal for gifting. You can also shop designer coats for women by Dusala.