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Dusala stoles for women

A stole is a smaller version of the shawl and one of the most dependable apparel accessory add-on for many women. On one hand, they come in handy to protect you from undesirable weather elements when you wrap it around your shoulder like a cape. On the other hand, they add spunk to your appearance when wrapped on the body or tied around the neck in a stylish fashion. A stole can also double up as a dupatta on a Punjabi suit or a full-length Anarkali. Stoles tend to be lighter and less voluminous as they are made from lighter and fancier fabric materials like chiffon. Although, this apparel looks more appealing when made in expensive fabrics like pashmina, cashmere or silk. Dusala, a brand rooted deeply in the culture, tradition and craftsmanship of Kashmir brings to you a collection of stoles in attractive designs and colours. These lovely lightweight Designer Stoles by Dusala can be worn over a number of apparel combinations to create a pleasing ensemble that brings out the fashionista inside you.


Pashmina Stoles for women

Stoles made in pashmina fabric look very classy and eccentric. After all, it is the pashmina fabric that changes the entire equation of the look and feel of the stole. Dusala collection of pashmina stoles for women consists of Luxury Bee Embellished Stole, High Altitude Pashmina Zari Linear, High Altitude Hand-woven Checkered Pashmina Stole, High Altitude Hand-woven Geometrical Checkered Pashmina Stole, Reversible Pashmina Zari Stole in different colour options, High Altitude Rare Pashmina Stole, High Altitude Hand-woven Natural Colour Pashmina in different colour options, Pashmina Fine Wool Stole, High Altitude Hand-woven Pashmina Zari, Pashmina Blend Natural Colour, Hand-woven Pashmina Stole With Linear Border, High Altitude Pashmina Zari Hand-woven Stole, Blend Pashmina Wool With Heritage Border, High Altitude Multi-coloured Handmade Pashmina Kani, Multi-coloured Hand-woven Pashmina Kani, High Altitude Hand-woven Pashmina Zari Checkered Design, Rare Pashmina Zari Linear Pattern. Checkout designer stoles for men by Dusala.


Cashmere Stoles for Women

The brand uses standalone cashmere fabric for its cashmere stole collection as well as other combinations like cashmere wool, cashmere fine wool, cashmere cotton blend etc. The Dusala collection of cashmere stoles for women consists of Cashmere Full Jal Stone Embellished Check Border, Cashmere Pipework Embellished Scorpion Design, Cashmere Luxury Bee Embellished, Fine Cashmere Wool With Camel Design, Cashmere Fine Wool With Woven Paisley Border, Cashmere Pipework Embellished Scorpion Design, Cashmere Embellished Butterfly, 3d Floral Cashmere Wool Stole. Check out the collection and shop online for Dusala collection of cashmere stoles for women at discounted prices. You can also shop designer coats for women by Dusala.


Silk Stole

There are pure silk stoles as well as stoles made from a blend of pashmina, silk and pure wool. The Dusala silk stoles are very economically priced and would definitely be a great option for gifting an heirloom to a bride that is soon to be married. The brand has a limited but eye-catching silk stole collection. The stoles under this collection by Dusala mostly consist of colour and design options in floral design patterns, petal designs and silk floral design with border.