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Dusala is a beautiful and cozy brand based out of Kashmir. The brand is founded by Sugandha Kedia and brings to customers lovely cashmere and silk shawls and stoles. Sugandha Kedia was known to the country as a popular anchor before creating her own label. This brand majorly works with one of the finest spun of cashmere, the Pashmina. Pashmina fabrics make use of the thinnest and most delicate cashmere fibers that measure only 12 to 16 microns. The material feels soft and delicate and the pashmina stoles and shawls caress your skin gently and exquisitely. This label works with the expert artisans of Kashmir and creates authentic pashmina fabrics with modern designs and looks. You can pick up pashmina and silk Designer Stoles & Scarves, also shawls from this label at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop.

Shop Dusala Stoles and Scarves at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

Stoles are accessories that add a touch of elegance to your looks. There are amazing colours and designs of Dusala stoles and scarves available at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. Want to add a touch of glam to your otherwise subtle look? Throw on a zari-embroidered stole over your shoulders and you are done! Want something special to keep you warm in the winter? How about the wool stoles with fine fur border detailing? The stoles from this label are such versatile pieces of accessories. You can wear these like capes, dupattas, or vests over your regular clothes. Pair zari work stoles with plain colored kurtas or tunics to enhance their beauty. Pick up embroidered delicate stoles with stone handwork or printed silk stoles for your festive wear. Check out designer stoles and scarves by Myoho, AMPM, Charkhee, & more at Pernia's Pop Up Shop.

Shop Dusala Shawls at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop

There are references of cashmere shawls being used as early as the 14th century in India. In those days, cashmere shawls were only used by royalty. Kashmiri shawls are now a rage all over the world. The pure Kashmiri Dusala shawls from this label come with different appliqués like stonework, embroidery, prints, and Kani detailing. The Kani detailing shawls from the label are the purest of their kind and portray some of the oldest handworks of the region. The reversible shawls from the brand offer complete value for your money. One shawl and two different ways to use it – can it get better than this? You can pick these authentic cashmere and pashmina shawls from Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop now. Shop Shawls for Men by Rohit Bal Men at Pernia's Pop Up Shop.